by Mosey Jones

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    releases November 4, 2016

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Rocky Balboa Constrictor
It's Senior Year, Guys
You're Funny
What's Better Than This?
This Year It Will Be Different
The Last Of Us


This is our second full length album, featuring all our best tunes since Swell that were not included on Spinning. For this album, we returned to where we're most comfortable, recording and mixing 100% in our basement. However, done a lot better than Swell. This is how Swell should sound. Until we get better at mixing, and then this point will be made moot.

This album features ten tracks that chronicle events in my (Eamon) life and the lives of people I know over the past six years. I mark this album as the closing of a lot of struggles that I and my friends have felt. We look forward to the years to come.

The songs were recorded largely in the months of April and May of 2016. The recording process was a perfect mix of rushed and overly perfected. I can't think of anything we wanted on this album that isn't there, or wasn't tried and removed.

A download of this album comes with a "bonus track". This bonus track is really just the actual version of It's Senior Year, Guys, because we can't sell that version. So you get it for free. It's a small change, anyway.


releases November 4, 2016

Eamon - Guitar/Vocals
Caitlin - Drums/Vocals
Peter - Bass/Hype Man

Recorded and mixed by Eamon McMullen in the McMullen Basement. Mastering is for nerds, am I right?

Album art photo features our friend Albert Cohen.

Thanks to everyone who wouldn't stop asking when this stupid thing would come out.



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Mosey Jones Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: Until Death
I don’t know how you’re alright with this
‘Cause I’ve been slitting wrists over this
I know, it’s a twisted shell of the words we spilt
Over long nights sleepless, I yell
That I know that I will be your final thought

I can’t see how solidarity could cause this frequent scream
But the frequency resonates in me that I have to leave but the words keep coming to me
That I know that I will be your final thought

I’ll see you when it rains again but the earth has been so dry
I’ll see you when it pours, you’ll be walking to my door, and you’ll say hi
And I’ll walk right in between the gaze of your big teary eyes
And I’ll walk right to where you once stood when you were alive
And I know that I have been your final thought